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Garbage Disposal Repair, Service & Sales

Sarasota Garbage Disposal

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Hershman Plumbing of Sarasota can help with:
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Garbage disposal removal
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Garbage disposal sales
  • Warranty service on a wide variety of garbage disposals

Garbage Disposal Brands

KitchenAid garbage disposal sarasota
InSinkErator garbage disposal sarasota

Garbage Disposal Service

If your garbage disposal stops working, check, under the sink, that the disposal's power cord is plugged in the electrical outlet. Then press the reset button. If you suspect that an object has fallen into the disposal, call Hershman Plumbing for service 941-365-8800

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Garbage Disposal Installation

If repair is too complex or not possible, we will recommend disposal replacement. Hershman Plumbing's licensed plumbers can install any major brand of garbage disposal. Disposal services are usually completed in one day. We strive to leave your home or commercial kitchen running smoothly and looking just as good as when we arrived.

Garbage Disposal Tips

We do not recommend the following foods for disposals. They can break and clog your sink, drain, and disposal.

  • oils and grease
  • poultry bones and skin
  • corn husks and cobs
  • potato skins
  • celery
  • coffee grinds
  • seeds
  • fruit pits

More disposal tips.

  • Use cold water. Hot water can liquefy fats and grease, which later solidify and clog pipes.
  • Run water the entire time the disposal operates to ensure enough lubrication for the disposal.
  • Grind for at least 15 seconds after food has been processed to ensure that the disposal clears all debris.
  • Running regularly to prevent problems. Disposals with low use can rust and corrode.
  • Small pieces leads to better results. Large items cause problems.

Whether replacing a disposal in a home, upgrading a garbage disposal to a newer, more efficient model, replacing a broken garbage disposal, or renovating a kitchen, garbage disposal installation should be done right.

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