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Gerber toilet sarasota
Gerber Toilets
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American Standard Toilets
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Kohler Toilets
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Hershman Plumbing of Sarasota can help with:
  • Toilet repair
  • Toilet removal
  • Installation
  • Leak detection
  • Warranty service on a wide variety of toilets

Toilet Brands

Gerber toilet sarasota
American Standard toilet sarasota
Kohler toilet sarasota
Toto toilet sarasota

The installation of toilets requires physical exertion and expertise. As with most plumbing jobs, several complex factors impact installation. Many mistakes that lead to repairs can be avoided by relying on a professional plumber for installation. Even a small misstep, such as a misaligned the wax ring, can lead to leaks.

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Toilet Installation

Some people may wonder if installation is easy. What they may not realize is that a single small mistake can result in an expensive repair. In addition, when homeowner's perform their own toilet installation (or any other plumbing), the manufacturer's warranty could be voided. In extreme circumstances, a home owner's policy will not cover damage caused when an unlicensed person completes a plumbing project.

Toilet Installation Problems

Whether you're replacing a toilet in a home you just purchased, upgrading your toilet to a newer, more efficient water-saving model, replacing a broken unit or renovating a bathroom, toilet installation should be done right to avoid costly toilet repair and damaging leaks.

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Toilet Installation

The wax ring needs to be correctly sized and carefully handled. The plumber will set the new bowl in place, press it into the wax ring, and fasten the bowl to the flange with nuts and bolts designed for toilets. The plumber will then level the bowl so rocking does not occur.

Toilet Leaks

Leaks can occur after toilet installation, so the plumber will inspect installation connections and the manufacturer's connections for leaks. The tank water level must be properly set. And the bowl flushed a few times to confirm proper operation.