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Video Inspection

Video Inspection Sarasota Plumbing Service Hershman Plumbing

If you have a sewer problem and no clue about where to dig, a low-cost sewer video inspection can help.

Video inspections eliminate guesswork. Sewer video cameras and locating equipment locate sewer blocks and problems.

Call Hershman Plumbing at the first signs of a video inspection problem. Our plumbers can help.

What Is a Sewer Video Inspection?

Hershman Plumbing can run a video line through your waste pipes to locate problems. The video inspection can include branch lines from bathtub pipes or faucets to a house's sewer line. Or perhaps down the house sewer line to the municipal sewer line on the street. At the end of the line is a camera that lets you see what is in the line.

Video Inspection for Remodels

Video inspection is helpful if you want to add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Large wastewater volume often occurs with remodeling so inspect your sewer line to make sure that it can handle the increased demand.

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Where to Dig?

Video inspection cameras have transmitters that help locate position. The plumber will stop the camera at the blockage point. At ground level a locating device will use a radio signal to identify the location of the camera. The location will be marked with paint. A trench will be dug at the marked location.

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